United Brass Industries has been established with the motive to become one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Turned and Forged Non-Ferrous Metal Components. Today, we are manufacturing and supplying quality Brass, Copper, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Plastic products catering to Electronics, Electrical, Builders Hardware, Bathroom Fittings and all other Industrial Sectors in India and across the globe. Our valued clientele is spread across the United States, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and other South East and Middle East countries.

We are currently engaged in manufacturing Brass & Copper Extruded Rods, Profiles, Sections, Turned and Forged Components for Electrical Wiring and Earthing Accessories, Pipe Fittings and Connector Parts, Electrical Contacts, Battery Terminals, Fasteners with Wall Plugs, Panel Boards, other Door Hinges and other Hardware Fittings as per International standards, customer specified drawings or samples.

From the very beginning, our main aim has been to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by manufacturing components of the most superior quality, delivering them on time and at the most competitive prices. Our strong and dedicated management and workforce has given us an international benchmark to operate in the most professional, cost effective, channelized and systematized environments enabling us to add value to our products at all stages of production.


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