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  • Address: PO Box 21132, Here Weare St,
    Melbourne, Vivas 2355 Australia
  • Phone: 1-800-565-2390
  • Email: support@yourname.com
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A Leap Forward…



We started our business endeavour as a family owned business in 1987 with a motive to become a leading manufacturer of Brass Components & Fasteners. Our first manufacturing plant was setup with a premise of 3000 sq. Ft. in Jamnagar which is today the Brass City of India.

Today, we are manufacturing Turned, Forged & Stamped Metal Components & Fasteners in a manufacturing facility of 40000 sq ft. & a large fleet of machinery equipped with latest technology. Our product range includes Brass, Copper & Copper Alloys & Mild Steel products catering to sectors like Automobiles, Engineering, Plumbing & Sanitary, Electronics, Electrical, Plastic moulding and other Industrial Sectors in India and across the globe. Over the years, newer generations have joined this business making it an ideal combination of experienced & young dynamic top management. Also, our dedicated managerial team & workforce has grown stronger giving us a solid platform to operate in the most professional, cost effective, channelized and systematic environment which enables us to add value to our products at all stages of production.

Our Vision & focus is to become a market leader in manufacturing precision components & fasteners by consistently manufacturing superior quality products that are delivered at the most competitive prices enabling our customers to compete in the highly competitive metal markets all around the world. We value our customers and work collectively with them to understand their needs and thus have climbed higher & higher on ratings in their vendor list.


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